Wiarygodna wycena przedsiębiorstwa uszyta na Twoją miarę.


Najefektywniejszy wykonawca profesjonalnych wycen przedsiębiorstw i skutecznych biznes planów przygotowywanych według międzynarodowych standardów.


We create effective documents.

Preparing a business plan based on the analysis and feasibility study of the project is crucial both for assessing the profitability of investment and acquisition financing. The business plan is used to familiarize potential investors with the model and the characteristics of the business, in order to obtain financial partner.

The scope of services includes the following:

  • an analysis of the business model
  • an analysis of the market environment
  • to build a financial model
  • a detailed description of the business activity, investment
  • a description of the market environment and competition
  • a detailed financial analysis
  • financial projections
  • a SWOT analysis
  • the timing of material and financial
  • an analysis of the profitability and viability of the project
  • Board to review the comments and determine the final document
  • conversations and meetings with banks
  • the cooperation of the banks to adapt the model to the requirements of the Bank in the preparation of the decision
  • the negotiation of the proposed financial terms
  • participation, coordinating and consulting with the assembly of all documents necessary to apply for an investment loan
  • a collaboration with the Investor and the Bank during the examination of the proposal for investment credit
  • advice during the negotiation of credit decisions and the provisions of the credit agreement
  • to review the offers of financial institutions in terms of choice of the best offer
  • for help in a decision on the financing bank
  • for assistance under the terms of the credit decision until it has met the conditions and the loan


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