Wiarygodna wycena przedsiębiorstwa uszyta na Twoją miarę.


Najefektywniejszy wykonawca profesjonalnych wycen przedsiębiorstw i skutecznych biznes planów przygotowywanych według międzynarodowych standardów.


Each report is tailored to the client.

Valuation shows what is the expected value of the firm defined as the value of capital owners. Because it determines how much the company is worth after payment of all liabilities. The process of determining the value of the company requires a number of cognitive and analysis of the current situation and prospects of its development.
Valuation gives knowledge if they are worth the stock / shares, which is particularly important in the sale or merger of entities as a strategic step in their development.

The valuation of the company relative to a reference point so that the decisions taken in the long term value of the company steadily grew, and thus built property owners. Estimating the value of the company is also required in the settlement of ownership, as in the case of inheritance, divorce and division (in partnerships).
The measurement results are prepared in the form of a report. It is presented in addition to the estimated value, the assumptions for the valuation, market analysis, the methodology of work and the evaluation of risks associated with the activities of the company. Plus Value experts have experience in the valuation of industries: IT, Internet portals, manufacturing, insurance, wholesale and retail trade, medical. Companies were measured at various stages of development – from start-ups to the mature company with a long history of activity. Determining the value of the company was prepared for the purpose of buying and selling shares, raise capital conversions.


Brand is an important element of competitive enterprises competitive business. Valuation of the brand, trademark provides an opportunity for the development of the company and the customer is a guarantee of quality. Brand valuation can lead to raise extra cash for the company, through tax savings, increased credit capacity, and by licensing trademarks and franchising.

Trademark may occur in particular name, phrase, symbol, logo, design, image, product design, theme, melody. The economic trade mark is used to distinguish the goods / services of one undertaking from those of the same type of goods / services of other companies.

Brand valuation is to estimate the benefits that are generated due to having a recognizable brand. Make giving the popularity of products / service to customers, generating higher sales and margin for the owner.
The choice of the effective valuation method depends on its purpose, as well as the expectations of the party ordering the valuation. For example, when the target is associated with the transaction market will be an important element in the valuation arguments negotiating a potential settlement of the contract and the results of the risk analysis, determining the area of ​​potential value.

Valuation of the brand and trademark usually prepare using three key measures:

The method of economic benefits, it is based on an estimate of future benefits (income) generated by ownership of the brand. Discounting income allows for the present value of the brand. The analysis should also take into account the costs associated with maintaining and building the brand.

Methods premium price (based on comparison of income generated by the brand with the income that can be achieved by offering a similar product, indicated less recognizable brand). The analysis must also take into account the cost of maintaining a competitive advantage of having the brand.

Royalties method assumes that the functioning of the market requires the use of the brand. In the absence thereof, the use of the brand associated with the need to pay royalties for doing so. It follows therefore brand value of savings associated with no need to incur these costs.


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